Blog Climate Action Day October 15th

September 16, 2009

Bill McKibben writes: October 24th will be a day unlike any other in history. But what about October 15th?

Nine days before the 350 Day of International Climate Action, thousands of bloggers will be spreading one message across the internet to millions of people as part of Blog Action Day 2009. That message will be…

...well, it's not decided yet, and that's what this is all about. We need YOU to vote for 'climate change' to be the issue those bloggers talk about on Blog Action Day, October 15th.

[The link is at the bottom of this message if you want to skip ahead and vote already]

Blog Action Day is a global internet campaign for change - their tagline is "Changing the global conversation every year on October 15." Sound familiar? In 2008 Blog Action Day reached 13,498,280 people and this year will be even bigger. Imagine all those people being energized to support 350!

With your help it will be a creative, 21st-century invitation to participate in the 350 International Day of Climate Action in October -- an invitation to help build a movement united by three digits that can change the world.

1) Go to the Blog Action Day survey (the deadline is Friday!)
2) Vote for "Climate Change" to be the topic of Blog Action Day 2009
3) In the comments section, leave a message about 350 and the International Day of Action on October 24th.
4) Send this to your friends and ask them to vote as well

That's it! Show your support for 350 and vote. Last year Blog Action Day mobilized 12,800 Bloggers to write 14,053 Blog Posts that were read by 13,498,280 Readers.


Oemissions September 30, 2009 at 8:53 p.m.  

like your new photo and you are having a greyt hair day!

Chris Burgoyne December 8, 2009 at 3:41 a.m.  

And now we have the meetings in Copehagen. I hope all goes well.
Frank @ Debt Help

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